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A healthy, happy, and fulfilling life
 is within reach.

NURSE BURNOUT is characterized by physical, emotional and mental exhaustion which causes a lack of motivation, feelings of frustration, and poor self care.  Since the pandemic, Nurse Burnout is reported to effect up to 95% of nurses annually.
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I help burnout and overwhelmed nurses learn to take as good care of themselves as they take care of their patients. 
As nurses, we show up for our patients, families and even our friends, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.  We are professional, decisive, strong, commanding and can manage any life threatening situation.  We are a source of strength, compassion and ultimate care for everyone …. except ourselves. 

Because we put everyone else at the top of the list, we are inevitably last. We’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves.   We overeat, over drink, think obsessively about the one patient situation that didn’t go in our favor.  We don’t sleep, and time with our families is spent worrying about what happened yesterday, what we have to do tomorrow and we are not able to be present with the ones we love. We can’t remember what we love most about life, we have no vision for the future and we’ve lost our ability to dream. 

If you find yourself at the end of your rope, unable to recognize the person who stares back at you in the mirror, unsure who you even are or what your truest heart desires are….

I’ve been there, I understand!  

I've got you!

If you’re ready to reconnect with the heart of who you are, join my 12 week course:

During this course we will discuss topics such as:

Fashion Model on Blue Wall

How to Stop Buffering

Guy on SUP

Dealing with
Difficult Emotions

Relaxing in Hammock



Eating Watermelon on the Beach

Generating Internal Self Worth

Girl Jumping


Your Future

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